Veteran rapper turned media personality, Joe Budden, isn't someone who likes to back down. On Oct. 9, Budden and Offset got into a dispute over Budden's comment regarding Cardi B, and Offset said that the "Pump It Up" rapper hid from him in Barney's. However, Revolt's State of the Culture host clarified that he simply couldn't hold his pee.

"I don't know why I still think I'm the guy that can hold a piss," said Budden on his podcast. "He saw me, I didn't see him."

The beef began when a clip of State of the Culture was shared to Instagram. Budden and his co-hosts discussed the "I Like It" rapper's legal situation and stated that she has "no room" for mistakes. The Migos member defended his wife by commenting on the situation.

“I watched ya show u a grown ass nigga speaking on women I seen u in Barnes and u ran like I was gone do sum to you lol," he said on Instagram. "U a hoe ass Nigga soon u get touched u gone be police."

During Joe's podcast, he shared how much he adores Cardi B. His comment came from a place of not wanting her career to hit rock bottom due to avoidable issues. "We certainly don't want to beef over your wife, that I love," says Budden. "She is great and amazing and I want her to continue to be here. I don't want to lose her to police, to jail, to hatin' bitches. New York is rocking right now, and Cardi's a big part of that."

Check out Joe Budden explain on The Joe Budden Podcast that he wasn't hiding from Offset and needed a bathroom break below.

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