Three years after LSU won the National Championship, Bengals QB Joe Burrow and DT Tyler Shelvin found themselves in very familiar territory.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been somewhat adopted by all of the LSU fans within the Who Dat nation along with every other casual sports fan in south Louisiana who loves a feel-good underdog story as Joe Burrow aimed to punch his team's ticket to Super Bowl 56.

After Joe and the Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship, the celebration was on from Ohio to Louisiana. The girl in this viral video knows exactly what I'm talking about.

One photo that has been making its rounds on social media will definitely hit home for LSU fans and Lafayette residents alike. It's a photo of Joe Burrow being carried off the field by Bengals DT Tyler Shelvin, one of his Bengals teammates who was also part of that legendary 2019 LSU Tigers Championship team—arguably the best ever.

If you feel like you've seen this exact moment before, you aren't dreaming. It was almost a carbon copy of another moment Burrow was carried off the field after an LSU win, by the exact same player—Lafayette native Tyler Shelvin.

Much like Burrow, Shelvin gets a lot of Louisiana love as a former Northside-Notre Dame product from Acadiana.

This side-by-side comparison by Bleacher Report Gridiron really put the special moment into perspective—and before you knew it, the photo was plastered everywhere on social media. One quick note: while many think the photo was taken after the LSU National Championship win, it was actually taken after the Tigers beat Bama earlier in that unforgettable LSU season.

In the next two weeks, there will be plenty of other LSU-Bengals content that will get local fans hyped for the Super Bowl, and we're totally here for it.

Let's go, Joe. Let's go, Tyler. (Not you, Eli Apple!)

Let's go, Louisiana!

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