WWE Superstar John Cena was addressing his rival Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw this week when things got really emotional. John Cena spotted a young boy in the crowd with a sign that said he was battling cancer, and Cena delivered a very powerful message to him.

John Cena, who is the United States Champion, told the young fan to keep fighting and never give up. I must admit, when I was watching this I got teary eyed. Sometimes you can just tell when things aren't scripted in WWE, and I honestly believe this was NOT part of the script for RAW.

After the show, John Cena invited the fan into the ring and the crowd gave them both a standing ovation. This is why I love sports and the WWE. It's moments like this that the platform we create for athletes is used right!!!

Props to John Cena and WWE for giving this young fan the motivation he may need to keep fighting.

To see what happened after RAW went off the air, visit WWE. Let me warn you now, grab some tissue, you're gonna need it.


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