John Krasinski and Pete Davidson shared a smooch on Saturday Night Live as two beloved characters from The Office.

On Saturday (January 30), The Office alum hosted the iconic sketch comedy show. During Krasinski's opening monologue, people from the crowd (portrayed by SNL actors) began interrupting his speech and bombarding him with questions about his Office character, Jim Halpert. The A Quiet Place star attempted to reason with the audience and explain that Jim is just a fictional character.

"Hey, I've got a question," Kenan Thompson said, standing up. "Kiss Pam. That is what I need to see today." Krasinski tried to clarify that Pam Beesly is also a fictional character that was portrayed by Jenna Fischer.

Davidson joined Krasinski on stage and explained that with quarantine, people have been stuck inside and binge-watching the show constantly. "Is that Pam?" Thompson questioned while pointing to Davidson.

"I think they really need for someone to be Pam," Davidson told Krasinski. "I think we've got to give them what they want. Jim, you've gotta kiss Pam." The two then embraced and smooched while pretending to be the characters.

"I should feel really good, wow thank you, Pam," Krasinski told Davidson. Watch below:

Naturally, the viral moment quickly began trending on social media. See fan reactions to the skit, below.

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