In the collection of phrases and words that are synonymous with Louisiana, there are a few that always make the top of the list. Food is always there, fun is always there, music is always there and of course, if there is music then there should be dancing, right? Well, according to the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's office, dancing is not allowed.

Say it ain't so.

Well, it actually is. KATC Television, in response to questions from their viewers, went searching for answers about whether dancing was allowed during Louisiana's current phase of coronavirus recovery. The short answer is no, it's not allowed.

Actually, dancing in the state, according to Governor John Bel Edward's orders has not been allowed for several months. The reason for the dancing ban is quite simple when you think about it in social distancing terms. Most dances require the participants to be closer than six feet. The recommended distance for proper social distancing.

The specific restriction regarding dancing has been in effect since May and was published as part of the state's Phase One Guidelines and in the state's Open Safely guidance as well. 

No dancing in Louisiana, that's going to be really hard to do for some people. After all, our music is made to get people moving and to bring people together. But this lack of closeness could create a whole new reality show.

Maybe we could start Social Distance Dancing with the Stars or a strange version of Musical Chairs where people have to sit while the music plays and the first one to stand up because they've just got to move their feet is out. Or we could just watch YouTube videos of drunk people dancing by themselves at Downtown Alive! or Festival International.  

Those ideas probably won't happen but then again the dancing ban won't last forever either. Well, if we take care of one another and follow come common sense guidelines as they relate to coronavirus it won't last too much longer. Then we can all get back on the dance floor and listen to Wayne Toups sing about Johnnie and his inability to cut a rug or shake a leg.


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