Congrats to Johnny Depp, he got engaged...BUT! He is the one wearing the engagement ring?

Le'ts all hope that this is not the start of a new trend - men wearing a woman's engagement ring!

According to US Weekly, Depp has been wearing the ring for quite some time now. He gave new fiancee Amber Heard the engagement ring, but it was too big for her to wear, so he started wearing it.

By: Michael Kovac/Getty Images
By: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Of course, that is going to kick off all kinds of speculation. Did Amber give him the ring back? Did she ask him to marry her? Do we chalk it up as "it's Johnny Depp" he does weird things? Or is it simply that he just hasn't found the time to get it sized?

Either way lets just hope that this isn't the start of men wearing women's engagement rings!

Full story and close up pics of the ring by CLICKING HERE!


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