Now that the dust has settled on Poirier-McGregor 3, can we talk about Jolie Poirier?

Being the wife of an ultimate fighter has to be stressful enough with the sheer nature of what they put their bodies through for sport. It's a dangerous sport—and while these athletes know what they've signed up for it doesn't make it any easier to watch when it comes to family members and loved ones.

Jolie Poirier knows this feeling all too well as we have seen her right by husband Dustin Poirier's side ever since we can remember watching him get into that octagon. Along with their daughter, Poirier has said numerous times that he literally fights "for" them.

But this week, Jolie had to deal with something a little different.

We all know Conor McGregor is a world-class trash talker. Like Poirier mentioned in one of his interviews, he believes it might be something Conor does to get into his "character"—possibly a way to try to get into his opponents' heads while also compensating for something that he knows he lacks deep down inside.

We won't get into the psychological reasons behind Conor's trash talk but we have to talk about his decision to put Jolie Poirier at the center of his trolling in the days leading up to the trilogy fight.

Conor tweeted a baseless claim that Jolie "slid into his DMs" with a screenshot that provided absolutely no context. Even when he was pressed on it by reporters, he didn't provide proof or any further details.

Poirier laughed it off knowing it was all part of McGregor's predictable antics to get into his head before the fight. Trolling or not, it doesn't make it any less crappy that someone like Conor would drag Poirier's wife into their drama with that type of accusation—by name no less.

But even in the face of Conor's drama, the Poirier's stood strong, mocking McGregor's futile attempt to "shake things up" before the fight.

Eventually, fight night would arrive, and we all know how things went down—but even sitting back unable to stand up due to a gruesome leg injury, Conor continued to trash talk Poirier.

Once again, he mentioned Jolie in a disrespectful manner and this time she took matters into her own hand.

Literally, all she used was one hand.

The screengrab of Jolie flipping off Conor would soon go viral with many fans cheering her on for letting the Irishman know what she thought of his trash talk.

For what it's worth, Dustin wasn't the only Poirier that put people on notice at the trilogy fight as I would be quite surprised if anyone decided to come after his spouse or risk the type of karma that McGregor suffered after speaking ill of Jolie.

Something about that Cajun gris-gris—it will get you every time.

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