A Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy was injured Tuesday after deputies responded to a disturbance at a Harvey gas station.

Upon arrival, deputies found a man standing on top of a vehicle and when the male subject refused to get down from it, a deputy climbed up on the roof of the vehicle to remove the man.

A scuffle ensued and that is when the officer fell from the top of the vehicle, striking his head on a cement surface below.

Some of the man's family says that the deputy fell from the vehicle, while others have suggested that the deputy was thrown from the top of the SUV.

The senior deputy was knocked unconscious as blood came from an opening on the back of his head.

David Range III
David Range III

The call-out to other deputies was that an officer was down, thus there was a huge response to the scene.

According to the daughter of the man on the roof of the vehicle, they were out there "performing."

However, calls made to the JPSO indicated that there were kids in traffic and many were concerned for their safety.

The sheriff said that this was the second time they were called out to this gas station in regards to a disturbance.

Three adults and three juveniles were reportedly taken into custody. As for the deputy, he is recovering in a local hospital and is being closely monitored for any serious head injures.

Those "performing" at the gas station are not from Louisiana.


Here's the full report from WWL-TV, which includes a statement from JPSO Sheriff Joe Lopinto.

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