The first of two installments of Justn Bieber‘s NBC special, ‘Justin Bieber: All Around the World’ aired last night (June 20), giving fans a keyhole view into The Biebs’ crazy life leading up to the release of ‘Believe.’ We follow him in the studio, through the Norway melee and his show at Wembley in London, as well as his concussion in Paris. The picture above depicts The Biebs, post-concussion, where he’s a bit wobbly. Through it all, though, there’s a lot (and we do mean a lot) of screaming girls and chaos.

There’s more interview footage with manager Scooter Braun and members of the team than there is with The Biebs himself, but it manages to shed light while shrouding him in mystery. Braun is incredibly respectful of the fans, and we see him interact with Beliebers as well.

In the early interview portion, JB explains his album title, saying “Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself.” He also acknowledges his status as a teen heartthrob who makes girls faint. “I guess I am cool with being a heartthrob. I’m 18 so it’s cool that a lot of girls like me,” he says. Spoken like a typical teen.

Then we witness the full on spectacles — and that’s putting it mildly — that follow him at every turn, with one of his handlers exacerbated by the fact that she has to swap hotels for him, since he can’t get in and out safely. Girls are also waiting on live, active train tracks to get a glimpse of him, which is beyond dangerous and stupid.

He also meets with a wheelchair bound Belieber, espouses his love and smooches her, which is very sweet.

We also witness logistics, like the stress of the Norway show, which is nearly pushed, timewise, due to the panic and state of emergency Bieber’s mere presence in the country caused. There is a performance of ‘Never Say Never’ in Norway, complete with fans who have his name scrawled on their foreheads.

Braun also serves to remind us that his charge is hard-working and dedicated — and that he wants to go hard, with no days off, all the while being chased, getting a massage, and coming down from the high of performing. Despite the chaos, we’re reminded that The Biebs is still just a kid in an extraordinary situation. The teen even likens what he goes through to what Michael Jackson experienced.

Other fun stuff we witness? The Biebs stuck in an elevator and hanging out with famous friends.

The mid section of the episode is performance footage of ‘Baby’ at Wembley, as well as a full perf of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Way to go, Biebs, getting your girl some mainstream network TV time.

He also performs acoustically on the rooftop in Paris, which is where he sustained that concussion. We see him looking woozy, post-impact. He also falls down the steps after hitting his head, and everyone is in a panic. Poor Biebs!

To be continued…

…however, watch another preview to tide you over until Part 2 airs tonite.

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