"There's more to his story." That's right: Justin Bieber has another movie to follow 'Never Say Never.' His new documentary, 'Believe,' shows life on the road as well as at home as Bieber grows up ... and grows a mustache!

The clip opens with Scooter Braun sitting on Bieber's counter, looking and acting a lot like a teen himself. The media-loving manager points to Biebs' facial hair and asks, "Have you seen this man right here?"

Bieber grins, "That's how much of a man I am ... stache. Speaking of grown man, I'm drinking coffee."

Bieber's mentor, Usher, explained, "At 19 years old, he's becoming his own man." Meanwhile, Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, took a break from her pro-life movie tour to explain, "I think it's hard for parents to let go, but it's really exciting, too, to see him mature."

What happens next? Well, Biebs shows that he's still a kid at heart! Want to see more? Head to theaters on Christmas Day to see the full 'Believe' movie!