It sounds like Justin Bieber is really sore over his breakup with Selena Gomez, and he showed it in his choice of cover songs this weekend. Though he hung up on a radio DJ who compared him to Justin Timberlake, Biebs covered 'Cry Me a River' at his Believe tour stop in Boston, Mass.

For the cover, Bieber was solo, accompanied only by two guitars, one of which he strummed himself. The timing of the performance was eerie, as he -- and the rest of the world -- was still reeling from the split with Sel.

Word on the street is that Biebs may not think it's really over with Gomez. The 'As Long as You Love Me' singer reportedly is indeed bummed out but not that worried about the split, because he thinks he can win the 'Love You Like a Love Song' songstress back. TMZ reports Justin not involved with anyone (not even Barbara Palvin, the Victoria's Secret model with whom he was photographed).

What's more, Biebs believes that since he and Gomez broke up and got back together numerous times before, this breakup is just another minor bump in the road that is their young, rich love. He's pretty sure they'll get back together again. That may be why he was at a loss for words when asked about the split.

Still, this breakup is looking much more sinister than any the couple have previously gone through, from passive aggressive social media moves to even cryptic tweets from Scooter Braun. There were reportedly a few different factors to the split, and it's said that Selena did the dumping this time around. Aside from their hectic schedules often getting in the way of spending time together, Gomez is said to have "trust issues" with Bieber. In addition, Sel is said to be "too mature" and occasionally even "too boring" for the young, fun-lovin' Biebs, depending on who you ask.

Here's hoping these two lovebirds can work it out. We loved Jelena together!

Watch the Justin Bieber 'As Long as You Love Me' Video