Late last week, Justin Bieber was busted leaving a brothel in Brazil. We don't know what actually went down inside, but a video has surfaced showing pop star snoozing under the sheets, and it was allegedly filmed by the prostitute that he shacked up with.

UPDATE: According to sources in Justin's camp, it definitely IS Bieber in the video, but the girl filming it isn't a hooker. They say JB rented a crib just outside of Rio to crash at after his show, and invited around 50 people to attend an after party. Justin passed out on a couch and the rest is internet history. Pretty lame, but also pretty creepy.

Yo Justin, get a better team dude. You're Justin Bieber. Getting filmed passed out on a dirty Panama City Beach Spring Break-looking couch shouldn't happen to Justin Bieber.

Also, here's to hoping this is just one huge troll from Jimmy Kimmel.

The video isn't too exciting. It shows Justin Bieber (or someone who looks JUST like him) in full drool mode, passed out in bed. We then see the camera flip around to reveal a woman flash a smile to the camera before bringing Justin back into the frame, then blowing a kiss goodbye before she saunters away as the 15 second clip comes to a close.

I'm not an expert on Bieber's physical attributes, so maybe a true Belieber could help me out in confirming whether or not this is actually Justin Bieber. Based on the tattoos and the cool-guy haircut, I'd have to put my money on it being the real McCoy.

Also, who knows if this isn't just some crazed fan or a maid who snuck into Justin's hotel room and creepily filmed him sleeping to brag to her friends and/or sell it to the tabloids?

If indeed it is Justin Bieber being filmed by a Brazilian prostitute, the 20-year-old isn't in any real trouble being that prostitution is legal out there, but since running a brothel IS illegal the woman who shot the video may have just incriminated herself by showing off her famous "client" to the world.

Hell, maybe they just cuddled.

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