Justin Timberlake is filming a movie in New Orleans. The pop star, who released a new album last year, is making a return to the silver screen.

Timberlake hasn't appeared in a film since "Wonder Wheel" in 2017. The new film, "Palmer", will be filmed on the Northshore and Timberlake will play the lead role. The filming is scheduled to begin in New Orleans in early November.

The producers of "Palmer" must have a special love for Louisiana. They produced the movie "Green Book", which was also filmed in Louisiana and won an Oscar for "Best Picture".

The drama is about Eddie Palmer (Timberlake) who is a former high-school football star. He is also an ex-con returning home after a prison sentence. As he deals with many difficulties from his past after he moves back home, he and a young boy become friends and eventually Palmer finds himself caring for the young boy whose mother abandoned him.

The movie has been described as an emotional and entertaining story about resilience and the power of human kindness.



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