Kansas State is one of the favorites in this year's March Madness basketball tournament. Kansas State is led by a two-headed monster of Markquis Nowell and Keyontae Johnson. However, Johnson almost wasn't a Kansas State basketball player, shoot Johnson almost wasn't a college basketball player period.

Johnson made one huge gamble on himself to play for Kansas State. He turned down 5 million dollars to play basketball. However, it wasn't to the NBA or anything like that. Johnson was diagnosed with acute myocarditis which is a disorder causing inflammation of the heart muscle that could have had fatal consequences such as heart damage or cardiac arrest. Johnson passed out on the court as his team at the time Florida played Florida State. He was in a coma for three days. So he had the opportunity to collect on the NCAA 5 million dollar insurance policy for players but he turned that down.

For Johnson to turn down the 5 million dollar insurance payment to keep playing shows the insane belief in one's self. This story is absolutely amazing and it shows to never give up on your dream. Johnson is easily one of the best players in the tournament and in the country. He will be able to make it to the NBA once his college career is done. I will be following Johnson's story because he gained a fan due to how good he is but he has my support for the way he believed in himself and took a chance on his game after he could've been a millionaire.

Kansas State will take the court again in the Elite 8 this Saturday against Florida Atlantic at 5 pm.

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