If you haven’t heard the news, rapper 2 Chainz is officially a solo artist on Def Jam. Before his signing, however, he’s been working with one of the rap industry’s biggest producers Kanye West, and plans to release some of their collaborative work later this year.

“One thing that people may not know is that I’ve been working with Kanye West for the past year,” he revealed Wednesday on MTV’s RapFix Live. ”We have records together, we have ideas that we’re planning on releasing to the world real soon. I’m tryna get my ‘N—as in Paris’ swag up.”

Although Kanye and Chainz come from two different worlds, the Atlanta rapper feels that when you put two creative minds together, great things can only happen. “It’s no secret that I came from the hustle background, from that trap, and it’s no secret that he’s maybe more of a hipster swag, backpack kinda guy,” he explains. “So I think it’ll be interesting when you just drop that in the pot, in the blender, and see the outcome and results of some of that.”

For Chainz, teaming up with Kanye has become a real learning experience. “I’m one of those people that feel like you’re never too old to learn new things and even bruh, he still can learn new things from the avenue and path that I come from,” he said. “It’ll be cool, we gonna shake up hip-hop a little bit, shake up rap a little bit. You see what I did on my own.”

Besides working with Yeezy, PopCrush’s 2012 Artist to Watch go-getter is busy recording songs for his official debut LP tentatively called ‘T.R.U. 2.’ The T.R.U. in the title stands for “The Real University.” Fans can expect that album to drop later this year.

Watch 2 Chainz Talk Def Jam, Kanye West on RapFix

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