Kanye West did not forget about The Life of Pablo. Many fans are already looking forward to Turbo Grafx 16, but Kanye still wants to put the finishing touches on his latest album. The G.O.O.D. Music boss went on Twitter today (March 9) to let the world know he is on his way back from Europe and plans to get right back in the studio.

"I'm on a plane back from Europe," Kanye wrote. "Excited to see my family and finish the final mixes of the Life of Pablo and keep working on Turbo Grafx 16 and Season 4."

Kanye West previously talked about his need to fix the songs on the version of The Life of Pablo that was released on Tidal. By all accounts, it was not a finished album. But when Kanye announced Turbo Grafx 16, it seemed like he put T.L.O.P. on the back burner. Clearly that's not the case. The Chicago rapper even has plans for a CD release, contradicting his previous statements on the matter.

"I think we gonna come out with it in a couple weeks or so,” Kanye said of the CD release. “But we just really wanted to put all the energy towards Tidal. I really like it. I would tell ya’ll if I didn’t like it. It’s super easy. I think it’s just the future of the way we listen to music, if you want to get your music like that. Some people still want their music on CDs, people want it on Pirate Bay.”

As most know by now, release plans are a fluid situation for Kanye West. Fans will just have to wait and see what 'Ye ultimately decides to do.

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