Because all of the inspiration at the TIME 100 gala would be nothing without a lil' prank from Amy Schumer, the comedian pulled a fast one on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the red carpet.

While Kimye were entering the awards show like the TIME titans that they are (they both independently made the list of TIME's 100 Most Influential People), Schumer quite literally fell (facedown!) at their feet as the power couple looked on in surprise. Of course, a second later, Amy Schumer's face popped up as she appeared to crawl across the floor and Kimye were over the whole thing in an instant. (You can check out their initial reaction in the pic above, and peep their ~so over it~ faces in the photo below.)

But besides being honored for his innovation, Kanye also performed a 20-minute set at the gala — a performance that included "Gold Digger," "All Day" and his ode to daughter North West "Only One." You can check out clips from his performance in the videos below.

Kanye West Amy Schumer
Timothy A. Clary, AFP

Watch Kanye West Perform "Gold Digger" at TIME 100

Watch Kanye West Perform "All Day" at TIME 100

Watch Kanye West Perform "Only One" at TIME 100

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