Kanye West and Kim Kardashian -- dressed in something demure, as usual -- were out and about in Miami on Sunday night when they had a near run-in with her ex, football player Reggie Bush, and his newly-pregnant girlfriend.

And because the paparazzi recognize an explosive (read: lucrative) situation when they see it, they poked a few sticks in the cage. You know, just for fun.

Kimye was having dinner at steakhouse Prime 112, and as luck would have it, Bush and girlfriend Lilit Avagyan (who creepily looks more than a little like Kim) were right across the street eating for three at a place called Prime Italian.

Photographers stationed outside saw the separate arrivals, and when Kim and Kanye made their exit, a camerawoman yelled out, "Kim! Did you know Reggie is here [in Miami] having dinner? Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?"

Unable to resist the bait, Kanye attacked the woman, grabbing at her camera while Kim just stood behind him with a serene smile and the thoughtbubble, "YAY! PUBLICITY! YAY!"

The scuffle was brief, and Kim and her rapper beau eventually sped off in a Rolls Royce Phantom, after which the camerawoman told other photographers, "Kanye West just tried to beat me up."

Then she probably called a lawyer. Because that's the American way.

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Splash News

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