No one can ever say Kanye West is boring. His latest single “Theraflu” has created a lot of buzz and controversy for implying he and Kim Kardashian were hooking up while she was married to Nets power forward Kris Humphries. We don’t think anyone is more excited than this dude.

We’ve seen so many videos and stories lately that turn out to be hoaxes and trolls that we’re a little shell-shocked. So, pardon us if we don’t immediately believe this guy’s for real. If he is trolling, god bless him, he’s one of the best actors we’ve ever seen. Either way, he deserves a show or at the very least a segment on Talk Soup or something.

PS – Notice he says he likes Kim Kardashian’s @ss. Not Kim Kardashian. Just her rump. Where would that chick be without her caboose?

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