Did Rapper Kanye West recently tweet a photo of a female's backside, and then quickly delete it? But the million dollar question here is who is the female in the picture? Many say that the female in the photo could be his current girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, but others say that its NOT!!!

The photo, which was was allegedly tweeted by Kayne West of a shapely brunette's backside was quickly removed from his Twitter account. But now those closest to Kanye say that he NEVER tweeted such a photo. While the photo looks like it could be Kim Karadashian, a porn star by the name of Amia Miley says its her in the photo. She claims that a nude photo of her eating a meal has gone viral.



In fact, the porn star says that she posted this photo in 2011 and even posted a current pic of her backside to prove it! Could this prank all be part of #WanksterWednesday -- a prank day where people try to get bogus rumors started?

Whoever it is, we aren't mad - but we'll let you decide.