The Kardashians have reportedly told the production that films their reality show that they will stop the filming after they have been robbed on three separate occasions.

Is this scripted, like most of their reality show, or has someone with access to their homes been robbing them? On three separate occasions this year, the homes of the sisters have been robbed and large amounts of money and jewelry has been taken.

In the most recent robbery, Kourtney Kardashian had $4,000 stolen from her summer home in the Hamptons. Previously, she had $50,000 stolen from a rental in Calabasas.

Khloe reportedly had $250k worth of jewelry taken from her home as well. Inside job? It looks like it being that all three robberies showed no signs of forceable entry.

It sounds like the Kardashians think that the person(s) responsible for these robberies may be working for the production company that films them. They say that they have taken several additional measures to stop the thieves, but to no avail.

The family is scheduled to resume filming in October.

Story Credit: Gawker


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