ESPN is known for bringing guests onto their College Game Day set that know little to nothing about football. Last weekend singer Katy Perry joined the crew on set and she bashed LSU and its fans when it came time to predicting Auburn or LSU.

First, she asked if Chris Fowler meant "LS-Phew" rather than LSU and then proceeded to bash Tiger fans when she pulled out a corn dog. The corn dog referencing LSU fans smell like corn dogs.

She may have thought it was cute while on set, but she may have failed to realize that she has an upcoming concert in the state of Louisiana. The singer is scheduled to perform this Wednesday in New Orleans, which is less than an hour away from the main campus in Baton Rouge.

Do you think LSU fans will have something to say this Wednesday night when Katy Perry takes the stage in the Mercedes Benz Superdome---you better believe they will. Will corn dogs find their way into the dome, I'd bet the house on it. Shame on her.

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