Popular food critic Keith Lee has spent the better part of the last week driving around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with his family, exploring its culinary landscape. At the time of this post, Keith Lee (@keith_lee125 on TikTok) has visited five restaurants, chosen based on recommendations, and provided his honest feedback. Known for his generous tips, Lee has surprised at least two establishments with tips of $3,000-$4,000, resulting in a significant boost in their popularity, known as the “Keith Lee effect.”

Here's a comprehensive review of each restaurant Keith Lee visited in Baton Rouge (so far):

Fork N Spoon

Location: 1750 Brightside Dr Suite F, Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Review: Keith spent $37.40 and left a $3,000 tip. He praised the customer service and large portions for the price. He tried the maple bacon berry toast (7.9/10), banana berry French toast (7.5/10), braised beef grits with soft scrambled eggs (8/10), and loaded grits (7/10). Keith was particularly impressed that all the food he purchased only cost $37, highlighting the restaurant's value. Fork N Spoon, a homestyle breakfast and lunch spot, opened in 2021 and has become known for its feel-good food and welcoming atmosphere.

Top Comments:

- "Honestly the Keith Lee effect is one of the best things to come out of this app."
- "Chile you’re supposed to mix the grits with everything."
- "Keith you gotta mix everything together first. The grits will soak up the flavor."
- "I love seeing young owners who are really putting the work in."
- "BR may be on high alert for you but the service at Fork N Spoon is always the best. They’re amazing people."

Dr. Feelgood

Location: 12240 Coursey Blvd b, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Review: Keith spent $30.34 and left a $4,000 tip. This was the only healthy option recommended to him. He ordered a Blue Dream smoothie (8.7/10), sea moss and hibiscus juice (3/10), and a classic açaí bowl. While the hibiscus juice was not his favorite, he appreciated the refreshing and fresh ingredients, describing the Blue Dream smoothie as a welcome change from the usual fried foods.

Top Comments:

- "Fried dyed laid to the side you’re not wrong!"
- "The BBQ spots sell out. They gotta close at 3."
- " We thought it was a chiropractor office, tbh."
- "I'm always game for a new flavor, bring on the Dr Feel Good taste test!"

Smoke Bayou

Location: 4355 Inniswold Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Review: Spending $41.61, Keith was impressed by the quantity and quality of the food. He ordered a 4-meat plate (chicken, sausage, ribs, and brisket), mac and cheese, and smoked cabbage. The standout items were the brisket (9.2/10) and jalapeño sausage (9.5/10), while the mac and cheese and smoked cabbage received lower ratings (2/10 each). Despite some minor critiques when it comes to seasoning, the community staple Smoke Bayou showcased its BBQ expertise.

Top Comments:
- "Keith it’s Baton Rouge we already got high blood pressure ."
- "Baton Rouge is just 13.5 hours away…leaving now. ."
- "Them portions for $40 is nuts."
- "As a business I can tell you we struggle with salt! Too much? Too little? Everybody is different. That’s why we offer it on the side. ❤️."

The Bayou Affect

Location: 670 O'Neal Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Review: Keith spent $42 and faced an initial order mishap (later found to be miscommunication), which led to a long wait time. He received a store credit refund for the unavailable items. Once served, Keith tried the Philly egg rolls (5/10), fish platter (7.5/10), seasoned fries (4/10), and spicy lemon pepper wings (8/10). Despite the underwhelming experience from Keith's perspective, the quality of the food Keith did try was good. The restaurant’s response to Keith’s review was met with mixed reactions.

Top Comments:

- "I’m not sure why anybody voted that place over rouls deli."
- "Store credit at a RESTAURANT?!?"
- "don't say you're ready for Keith Lee to come if you're going to play like that, you think people would learnnnnn ."
- "When I think of Baton Rouge food I do not think of the Bayou Effect lol."

KOK Wings & Things

Location: 1509 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Review: Spending around $41, Keith enjoyed the lively atmosphere at KOK Wings & Things, a spot known for its party vibe and diverse wing flavors. He tried the Krucial and Double Dip wings (8/10), Rasta and Sum Nasty wings (7.5/10), Honey Drip and Rebel wings (8/10), seasoned fries (4/10), and catfish slider (5/10). The energetic scene and flavorful wings at KOK made this visit a memorable one, though Keith stated the menu's organization could use improvement. The owner appreciated the constructive criticism and planned to make necessary adjustments.

Top Comments:

- "they jiggin Keith ."
- "At that point you should’ve partied with them."
- "This is the closest to Lafayette this man got so far. KOK is our people."
- "when you played big back I felt it, that wing looked good ."

What has been Keith Lee's "effect" on Baton Rouge, LA so far?

During his stay, Keith noted a few challenges, such as bad cell service and early closing times of many places. Despite these minor inconveniences, Baton Rouge restaurants were on their A-game, with some staying open beyond regular hours in hopes of a visit from Keith.

Keith Lee's visit to Baton Rouge has also had an instant impact, with restaurants experiencing a surge in popularity almost immediately following his reviews.

You take the good with the bad.

Keith Lee's Baton Rouge restaurant tour has undoubtedly brought much attention to the dining scene in Louisiana's capital city. While his honest reviews and generous tips have been well-received overall, there were a few bumps along the way.

The Bayou Affect had an issue with his reaction to the wait time due to a miscommunication, and their handling of the situation received mixed reactions.

On the other hand, KOK Wings & Things viewed Lee's criticism as constructive and have already begun to make changes to improve their menu organization and customer experience.

"There is no doubt that Keith Lee visiting your restaurant exposes you to a national and global stage. With KOK being in Baton Rouge now, we now have more tourists, especially in the fall, and those who follow Keith will always have us as part of his story. I love the fact that he gave some constructive criticism, which we are already working on. We're getting labels made and making our menu more descriptive online. It's crucial to take constructive criticism and become better, as it only attracts more customers. We appreciate our customers for putting us in a position to be seen by a national audience."

Even though Lee managed to get a taste of the 337 through KOK (their original location is in Lafayette), for many, the question remains whether Lafayette, with its rich culinary heritage, would have offered a different experience. Regardless, Keith's adventures in the 225 thus far have undoubtedly showcased the diverse and vibrant food culture of Baton Rouge, making it a win for Louisiana as a whole.

Is he done in the 225 for now? Only time will tell—but we'll be adding reviews to this story if any more videos drop in the meantime.

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