Kevin Gates is a trending topic on Twitter due to video circulating of him aggressively mimicking sex acts while performing at a recent show.

On Monday night (Aug. 22), video surfaced from one of Kevin Gates' Big Lyfe Tour stops in Texas. In the video, the Louisiana rapper is pantomiming sex acts while spitting a sexually explicit rhyme.

"I'll put dick all in your stomach/Dick all in your stomach/Pull your hair, slap your ass, bitch, you bet not do no running," he raps, which is apparently a regular transition at his shows.

Sexually explicit rhymes are par for the course for Kevin Gates. But the video clip has people talking due to the extreme manner to which Gates acted out his lyrics, aggressively mimicking rough sex to the point of which he seemed to rile his own self up. Twitter is weighing in on the wild snippet.

"Has Kevin Gates been like this since he first came out? Or did something happen. Cause it’s concerning," one person tweeted, punctuated by a crying laughing emoji.

"When Kevin Gates be doing that 'dick all in your stomach' thing on stage it be scaring me," someone else tweeted on the topic.

"Kevin Gates really need jail time for the way he perform that one sonnngg 😭😭 imma be the cell mate tho," another person joked.

Kevin Gates' sexually aggressive character has been part of his music for a while, but recently he's let it all hang out in the public, as he's become the go-to guy to say something wild related to sex in every interview.

See the Video That Has Kevin Gates Trending and Peep the Reactions Below

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