Kevin Gates revealed that he recently found out that he has been sleeping with his cousin—but that's not even the most surprising part.

In addition to never getting tired, the Baton Rouge rapper has never been shy about talking about his personal life on IG, and a few days ago (Jan 7) he hit up the social app to let his followers know that he just found out that the woman he has been sleeping with for the past three months is actually his cousin.

Kevin's response: "Why mess up a good thing?"

Is it his first cousin? Second cousin? Cousin by marriage? Kevin says he never found out in a video interview with TMZ where he further explained his interesting arrangement.

What would you do if you would up in a similar situation?

What would you do if three months into a new relationship that was going great, you found out that you were somehow related to the person you were dating?

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[via XXLMag]