Kevin Hart decided to take on LSU track star Jada Martin in a street race, and surprisingly he held his own. But did he win?

Jada Martin is a two-time All-American junior sprinter attending LSU, and Kevin Hart is a stand up comedian. Even though Kevin is in very good shape, the fact that he is only 5'4" gives Martin an instant advantage being that she stands three inches taller.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that she is an insanely fast All-American college track star.

To the surprise of many, Hart actually "won" the race, but if you pay close attention it seems as if he used his comedic hijinks to get an early start.

Either way, what a cool way for the LSU track team to get ready for practice as they prepare for the NCAA Indoor Championship.

Check out more hilarious videos from Kevin and the LSU Track & Field Team below.


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