How sad is this?

A Texas domestic violence shelter shared a child’s heartbreaking letter to Santa and the internet is responding.

The shelter says the little boy's mother found the letter below in his backpack and she shared it with those at the shelter. Well, that's when the shelter sprung into action and asked for some to help make this 7-year-old's Christmas.

And yes, the little boy is now getting all that he asked for in his letter to Santa.

However, you will notice that the little boy asked Santa to bring him a "‘very very very good dad.’ And perhaps that day will come.

Folks, this is why we have teamed up with Faith House for our "12 Days of Giftmas." No child should ever go without, regardless of their situation.

If you can, help out those that may be in a similar situation. You never know what they are truly going through.


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