Kid Cudi thinks Drake is a cornball, according to Consequence.

On Jan. 27, The Art of Dialogue YouTube channel shared a segment of their full interview with Kanye West frequent collaborator Consequence who recounted an encounter he witnessed between Cudi and Drake during a dinner for one of Ye's birthday's.

"I'm in the middle of [Drake and Cudi]," Cons recalled at the 1:30-mark of the interview. "Drake is like, 'Yo, it's just a pleasure to be around y'all. I appreciate y'all embracing me. I grew up watching all y'all's videos. It's like a dream come true.' [Kid] Cudi] right here like, 'Fuck that nigga, he's pussy, yo. Why he even here? Fuck wrong with this nigga? Get this nigga the fuck outta here. He so fucking corny.' So, there's been animosity, envy for years."

He continued: "It just really crazy how it manifested over the years. That was like the beginning of it. When I seen Cudi and Drake in the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ video, I was like, what I’ma do? Call Drake and be like, ‘Yo, you know he don’t really fuck with you like that?' But he really don't fuck with you like that."

Consequence is convinced there has been a rivalry among the rappers since then.

"At least a competitive rivalry," he added. "It's gotta be out of something because they don't even know each other. Cudi's from Ohio. He's from Canada. They aint grow up like they got a problem. It's over music."

Beef manifested in the public between Drake and Kid Cudi in 2016 when Cudi called out Drake on social media and Drizzy took shots at Cudder on the 2016 track "Two Birds, One Stone." Cudi responded to the subliminal diss with vitriol.

"Say it to [my] face, pussy," wrote Cudder on Twitter. "You think it's a game. I wanna see you say it to my face."

The following year, Drake appeared to go at Cudi on the track "Free Smoke." In the years since, things have been mostly quiet. Things seem to be cool between Cudi and Drake, now. At least on Cudi's end. Last summer, Kid Cudi clarified he was not dissing Drake when he name-dropped Drizzy while saying he would never make amends with Kanye West like Drake did for their Chicago show.

"Just to be clear, I wasnt tryna throw a shot at Drake," Cudi tweeted after people said he was shading the OVO rapper. "I got love 4 him. My point I was tryna make is that im not so forgiving. Meaning he might be a lil nicer than me in that situation w dude.  Thats all. Maybe that came off wrong thru my words. So yea, all good w Drake."

Consequence and Drake, on the other hand, have not been on the same page in recent years. In 2021, Cons responded after Drake dissed Ye and even dissed Drake on the track "Party Time."

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