WWE Superstar John Cena is known for granting wishes and that is exactly what he did for a 7-year-old boy who underwent a kidney transplant.

Little KJ, from Orlando, has been through so much because of his kidneys. He was born with complications and has since undergone a kidney transplant. Still, all that he wants to be is a little boy.

But unfortunately for KJ, his condition does not allow him to be involved in contact sports. Thus, like most kids, he has fallen in love with WWE.

Through "Make-A-Wish" KJ was able to meet his favorite superstar, John Cena, prior to a WWE Monday Night Raw TV show. Not only did he meet his favorite superstar, KJ was escorted throughout the backstage area and even brought into the ring the night he attended the show.

Just another reason why we should all admire WWE and John Cena. If my math is correct, John Cena has granted more wishes for kids than any other current athlete out there. We salute you Cena!!! What a story!!!


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