Kieran Culkin, another famous Culkin sibling that isn't Macaulay, won a Critics' Choice Awards speech for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and had nothing prepared. So, he just...did it. And it was the best speech in a long time!


27th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Show
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Culkin, who has continued acting since childhood, unlike his arguably more famous brother Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin, The younger Culkin brother plays Roman Roy on HBO's hit show Succession, and won a Critics' Choice Award for the part.

I'm Just Dying Up Here

When he arrived at the microphone to give his acceptance speech, he admitted that he hoped that they wouldn't call his name, and he wanted the relief of not having to say anything because he had nothing prepared. And what followed was true magic.

Culkin was clearly nervous, at several points during his speech you can see his hand visibly shaking. However, that didn't stop him from "dropping bombs".


27th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Press Room
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He managed to acknowledge "kind of" genius and show creator Jesse Armstrong, the writers, and his co-stars.

He poked fun at his co-stars J. Smith-Cameron and Matthew Macfayden, while simultaneously praising them somehow, along with Sarah Snook.

“Fun fact. Snook’s last name is actually pronounced Snoook, but I just can’t do that. Right?” Culkin said. “Another fun fact. Matthew Macfadyen’s name is David. I’m just droppin’ bombs here. It’s true. Look it up. I’m just talkin’ now. I’m just saying things … and stuff.”

He went out on an even higher note when Culkin was signaled to wrap up the speech as he continued, “I’m just dying up here right now. So - yeah, please, wrap it up. You’re right,” Culkin said to someone off camera. “I should have done that, like, 30 seconds ago. I should have walked up here and said ‘tHaNkS’ and then walked out because now I’m just making an ass of myself. But, yeah, thanks, you’re never gonna do this for me again. Thank you.”



Viewers had high praises for the off-the-cuff speech:


Who is Kieran Culkin?

You may remember Culkin as the younger cousin of his brother's character in Home Alone and it's sequel, Fuller, who is widely known to wet the bed after drinking [insert product placement] soda. Or maybe for his turn to dramedy in Igby Goes Down. Or full dry humor in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


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Needless to say, I hope he continues on his award winning streak and we get to hear many more awkward, yet amazing on-the-spot speeches from Kieran Culkin!

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