Killer Mike is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders' push to become the next president and he sees comparisons in the hate the senator receives to the disdain many had for Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The Atlanta rapper expressed the opinion on Twitter on Friday (March 6). The subject was sparked when author and Bill and Hillary Clinton supporter Zachary Wood expressed his dislike for the presidential hopeful after Sanders simply urged young people to vote on Twitter.

"There’s just something about you, @BernieSanders, that pisses me off," Wood posted.

After catching wind of the tweet, Killer Mike responded with a screenshot of an article headlined, "Even Though He Is Revered Today, MLK Was Widely Disliked by the American Public When He Was Killed," comparing animosity for Sanders to the way MLK was also perceived before his death.

Mike then commented, "Your tweet better help. Me understand I’m on the correct side of history. Thank U."

When the Run The Jewels MC received some flak for his Sanders/King comparison, he backed it up.

"One of actually knows and was trained in organizing by the people that organized with King and the SCLC," he responded. "One of us is on Twitter attempting to advise that trained organizer. Chill and trust me Becuz I’m talking facts not propaganda. Thanks, Bubba."

The Atlanta rapper has been a staunch supporter of Sanders since his 2016 campaign. Mike recently denied taking any money for his backing.

"Keep it really real. I’m accept NO MONEY from any politician," Mike wrote in response to another Twitter user who accused him of being a paid advocate. "I am already rich."

Mike is one of many rappers who has gotten involved in the political process.

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