Kim Kardashian has been advocating for the release of Lousiana native, Corey Miller, also known as the rapper C-Murder since 2020 when she first came across his case. He is currently serving a life sentence and has been behind bars for over 20 years all for a crime that he never committed according to Kim.

Corey Miller has spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit

Miller has been serving a life sentence for second-degree murder since 2002.

His conviction is based on the testimony of two men who have now sworn that their testimony was never true says the SKIMS founder.

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I want to shed some light on a case I've been working on for years

Kim posted a breakdown on social media of a new Louisiana law, Section 926.2, which allows people to submit new factual evidence to prove their innocence and more specifically raise a post-conviction claim of factual innocence. However, Corey Miller has been denied without "even so much as an evidentiary hearing".

She believes that at this time they have no further evidence to keep him behind bars and pleads that he deserves to see his day in court.

She points out the many flaws in the case and conviction of Corey Miller including that he was convicted by a 10-2 verdict which violates the Sixth Amendment.

Even with the lack of a vigorous defense, the jury recognized obvious issues with the State’s case and deliberated for over 24 hours. After being sequestered overnight, the jury attempted to return a 10-2 verdict, with one juror stating she was only voting guilty “under duress.” The court returned the jury to deliberations and the juror changed her vote from “guilty under duress” to “guilty.” The same juror spoke to the local newspaper the day after the verdict and confirmed that she did not believe the State proved Mr. Miller was guilty, but voted guilty to end deliberations. Mr. Miller was convicted by a 10-2 verdict, which the Supreme Court has since held violates the Sixth Amendment right to a trial by jury,

At this time Kim Kardashian has asked for people to share her post to raise awareness for Mr. Miller's case in hopes that this new law in Louisiana could finally bring him home to his family where he should have been these last two decades.

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