Kodak Black is again at the center of backlash after sharing a photo on Instagram that appears to show a woman twerking on the rapper's 6-year-old son while Yak seems to encourage him.

Last Wednesday (Dec. 22), Kodak posted a series of photos from an apparent baby shower for his unborn daughter Yuri on the way. The South Florida rapper went all out for the white, pink and gold-themed event. However, one photo has some people calling for Kodak's cancelation. One picture shows a woman in a skin-tight dress bent over and appearing to twerk in front of the rapper's young son, King. Kodak is present in the photo and seems to be encouraging the situation as he holds his son's hands in the air.

The photo flew under the radar but recently went viral, with people commenting about the image on social media.

"I wish cancel culture WAS real because then maybe when we found out about Kodak Black being a predator the first time we could have put an end to his power before he sexually assaulted his own fucking son," one person sounded off on Twitter, possibly referencing Kodak being accused of sexual assault in 2016. Charges that he recently pleaded down to assault. "He also has a daughter on the way. Praying for her."

"Theres Nothing Wrong About What’s Happening But Who It’s Been Done To!! Period!" someone else posted. "Ya Mfs Aren’t Even Gonna Admit That Y’all Was Wrong. Outta Here That’s Not What Real Men Do & It’s Boys Like @KodakBlack1k & @BOOSIEOFFICIAL That Fuck Children’s Minds Up!"

The post is most likely in reference to Boosie BadAzz bragging about getting a grown woman to perform oral sex on his underage son in 2020.

"Kodak black’s kids need a brand new set of adults in their lives smh," someone else added.

This is the second time in two months Kodak has been called out for his strange familial interactions. Back in October, the rapper went viral after video surfaced of him touching his own mother inappropriately during a party. He later tried to downplay his actions in the viral clip.

See more tweets from people reacting to Kodak Black appearing to let a grown woman twerk on his young son below.

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