It's the reason why Kim is famous in the first place, right? "The" Sex-Tape - even if you claim to have never seen it, you've definitely heard about it. Which is why we think Kris Humphries would be making a smart move to release any type of sextape-esque footage featuring his newly estranged wife Kim Kardashian-if indeed that footage exists.

Keep in mind that going back to his regular day-to-day isn't much of an option right now being that both sides are at a standstill in the NBA lockout. Kim filing for divorce today officially marks the beginning of the end of his 15 minutes.

The clock is ticking, but in addition to releasing any racy video/images of Kim, here are a few other ways Kris Humphries can beat the odds of the irrelevance that will ensue in his post-Kardashian life.

1. Book Deal



First and foremost, Kris needs to score a book deal -- unless of course some hush-hush money deal prohibits him to make any type of tell-all deal. Kris Jenner has a new book coming out on Tuesday -- imagine that! -- and we can only begin to imagine about all the juicy details of the honeymoon and any other asstastic secrets that Kris would be happy to benefit heavily from. Humphries will have to tell his side of the story, being that the media will only focus on Kim's. Also, to make tons of money.


2. TV Talk Shows



Which morning show will get him -- ABC, CBS, NBC? And then there is the afternoon slot. There's no more Oprah, but Dr. Phil could find a seat for him. Anderson Cooper now in the game, so we have to believe that he'll go with that option. Only the best for Kris Humphries.




3. Dancing With The Stars



To obtain the ultimate closure Kris Humphries will have to get over the hump of being "Kim's Ex" and become an individual yet again. Athletes have long done well on "Dancing With The Stars," (see: Ward, Hines), so Kris will fit perfectly.





4. The Bachelor



He's tall. Kim thought he was handsome enough to marry, and he's newly single and looking for love. Kris is the PERFECT candidate for ABC's 'The Bachelor.' Who wouldn't want to see him find an authentic love???





5. His Own Reality Show



We could see him get his own E! show, if the network isn't so tied to the Kardashians that it would prohibit them. Even if that is the case, imagine what VH1 would pay? (See Carmelo & LaLa) They could follow him on the road with his team (if they start the season), and to play the symp role, he'd definitely have to take the night off from some clubs and sit in his hotel, all sad-like.




Also, since he plays for the Nets, 'Jersey Shore' is always an option. What about ESPN? As you can see, life after Kim could be pretty sweet for Kris now that he has paid his dues with a 72-day marriage.

What do you think Kris Humphries should do to stay relevant now that he has been exonerated from the Kardashian Klan?





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