Kylie Jenner and Tyga are officially back on--which means that they're back to flaunting their relationship on social media.

In their latest SnapChat clip, the two canoodle in an airport while they wait for their flight. The snap starts off with Jenner walking up to her beau and asking "What are you doing?" Tyga is clearly laying on what looks like a comfy chair. It isn't long before Jenner is also laying on the chair too -- but mostly ontop of Tyga.

The video comes after marriage rumors surfaced regarding the couple. Jenner has been sporting a pretty big rock since their reunion that's been leading many to think it's an engagement ring. But an E! News source said that the rumors are "way off."

"Kylie has brought up marriage with Tyga to her friends lately, both jokingly and seriously," the source told E! News. "It wouldn't happen now but she's been thinking about it more and wants a future with him."

This wouldn't be the first time that engagement rumors were wrong. Nicki Minaj was sporting a two different big rocks on her ring finger last year that led many to think she was heading towards wedding bells. But, it turned out that Meek Mill promised to give her three rings before the big question.

Check out the two cuddle up in the video above. Also, see the aforementioned ring below as well as some more sweet moments between the two.

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