Fresh off the Harvard launch of her Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga has yet another reason to celebrate. No, it’s not her birthday either. That’s later this month, on March 28, when she turns 26. Right now, Gaga can throw her paws up and dance around the room because she has just notched 20 million Twitter followers. Make that 20,096,127 people are reading her tweets, as of press time.

Ma Monster has yet to issue a post acknowledging this massive social media feat but we’re confident she will. It’s too big of a deal to ignore, especially for someone so connected to her fans.

In all seriousness, that amount of Twitter followers is almost obscene. No other famous person comes close to having that many followers. What’s interesting, though, is the fact that Gaga is in control of her Twitter account and she writes her own tweets, as opposed to letting one of her handlers or minions post in her stead, as many other famous folks and celebs often do.

Gaga hit 18 million followers in January of this year, so she has added two million additional followers at a rapid clip. What’s next? 25 million? 30? The possibilities are endless.

The Mother Monster is also carving out her own slice of the social networking pie. She is launching her own site for little monsters, which is currently in a private Beta testing phase.

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