What is Twitter for, really, if not to randomly remind you about iconic moments in Lady Gaga's tour history?

Perhaps hoping to fill the void until Mother Monster returns to her rightful place on stage for her Las Vegas residency in December, Twitter user @aquarialegend recently tweeted out a throwback to a moment during a 2013 show in Houston, Texas that, frankly, is worthy of the reminder. As true stans may recall, she noticed a fan miming the choreography to "Scheiße" in the crowd and decided to invite him onstage to join the rest of her backup dancers.

Clearly, he came prepared, because he immediately jumped into the dance moves seamlessly, as if he'd been training for weeks (which, yeah, probably). In fact, it was so good that Gaga affirmed to the audience that it was not "a set up," knowing full well that it could have easily seemed like one.

"You see? You can do anything if you put your mind to it," she said, patting the fan on the back mid-performance. Afterward, she kissed him on the mouth, and honestly, it's a miracle that man didn't just float on up to heaven right then and there.

Revisit the moment below.

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