Normally, it’s Lady Gaga that serenades her fans in concert, but in Melbourne, Australia last week, the little monsters took it upon themselves to do the singing outside of her hotel. They were rewarded for their efforts when the Mother Monster treated them to pizza. She is a kind and generous Ma Monster, isn’t she?

Hot off the heels of shelling out $135,000 for a white Alexander McQueen dress at auction, since she is a passionate collector of couture, Gaga tweeted about the little monsters singing outside her hotel room. She could hear it and she wanted them to be warm and to have full bellies, so as a token of thanks, she sent down some grub for them to nosh on. We wonder if any super dedicated little monsters kept the crusts as a memento! We wouldn’t put it past the monster contingent to want to hold onto anything related to Gaga, even a discarded crust from pizza she provided.

Gaga also shared another photo of her in bed, all crashed out on her crisp white sheets. She tweeted, ” Night night. Love, Mademoiselle Melbourne.” She’s been quite the temptress and seductress with her photos on Twitter as of late. Did you see the one of her in her undies? It’s very sexy. We were a bit surprised she shared such an intimate image with, you know, 26 million people, but she’s Gaga and that’s what she does as a digital media maven.

Below is Gaga’s tweet announcing that she would be feeding her tireless, dedicated LMs singing for her.

Watch the Lady Gaga ‘Marry the Night’ Video

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