Strap your boots on nice and tight, kids: The premiere episode of Lady Gaga's behind-the-scenes YouTube series, "Making JOANNE," is here.

In the first installment, Our Lady of Denim Cutoffs offers fans a candid peek into the songwriting process for "A-YO," the rowdy Mark Ronson-produced single off Joanne.

In a cozy Manhattan studio adorned with Pokemon toys and Takashi Murakami artwork, Gaga holes up with producers Ronson and BloodPop to work on the country-tinged pop banger. The three smoke, dance, argue and jam their way through the recording process, the singer type-type-typin' away lyrics on a vintage keyboard like a true art(pop)ist. (Very authentic.)

In the clip, a (literally) laid-back Ronson casually offers the pop star some feedback about the track at some point during the song's conception.

"We can't be so vague [with the lyrics]...We gotta put the danger in it. It's gotta be like that 'Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold, ice cold...'" the producer mumbles, referencing his Grammy-winning hit with Bruno Mars.

"Yeah, I know it needs to be as good as f---ing 'Uptown Funk,' okay?" Gaga snaps back, jokingly, waving her middle fingers around the studio. "F--- you!"

A-yo! A-yo! Can't wait to rev it up? Watch the in-studio shenanigans in the video, above.

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