Lady Gaga is a good friend. The singer took time out of her incredibly packed, Iron Woman schedule for something way more important. She visited an ill friend in the hospital, and was photographed by paparazzi while doing so. Shame on them for snapping the Mother Monster during what appears to be a difficult time.

Gaga is visibly upset in the photos, which you can see here. She is cloaked in a white, sheet-like dress and white platform heels. While they are towering, the heels are demure and “quiet,” by Gaga standards. The Mother Monster is holding flowers, presumably for her sick friend, against her face, shielding herself from the flashbulbs. She does not look happy or in the mood to deal with snappers in these shots and who can blame her? Her friend is sick and that’s the priority right now.

Gaga also tweeted about her friend, posting : “It’s why I have the best fans in the world. Thank you for sending love to me + my friend whose sick. Please pray.” She included a photo of a bouquet of flowers for her sick friend, with a card that read “To Gaga’s Dear Friend” with a heart drawn on it. When Gaga hurts, the little monsters hurt, too!

PopCrush also sends good thoughts and prayers out to Gaga’s sick friend and hopes the friend gets better soon.

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