Calling Lady Gaga … Literally.

During a chat with ‘Nightline’ (Nov. 22) while promoting her Christmas workshop, the Mother Monster revealed that even though her beloved and cherished little monsters call her beloved and cherished parents’ home phone at all hours of the day and night, her father Joe Germanotta refuses to change the digits.

Even better, when Gaga is at home and spending time with her parents at their house, Papa Gaga will hand the phone over to the Mother Monster to deal with the calls herself. So while PopCrush doesn’t encourage little monsters to call the Germanotta household, you never know who might answer if you do! Maybe her lil’ sis Natali will pick up, too.

Gaga revealed that she is constantly surrounded by her fans, and that she loves it. She said, “They’re never gone. They’re always there. Because even if they’re not outside the house, my father refuses to change our home phone number. So the phone is just ringing all day long and it’s fans. And whenever I’m home he always gives me the phone.”

Now that Gaga has made that info public during a late night TV chat, more little monsters are likely to call the house, which she acknowledged. She said, “I’m sure we’re going to get lots of phones now on Christmas day. But the phone is always ringing and he goes, ‘Hold on, it’s Alicia from Tennessee.’ And then he hands me the phone and I’m like, ‘Hi Alicia.’ And they go, ‘Oh my god, it’s really you!’ It’s really sweet.”

There is not a pop diva on the planet that loves her fans as much as Lady Gaga.

In the chat, she spoke about what holidays are like at home. She said she loves to be with her family, eating all day long and watching old movies, and that she prefers to give gifts as opposed to receiving them.

Watch Lady Gaga on ‘Nightline’

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