Wait, she gets paid to do what? That's right, she gets paid to cuddle. It leads me to say, why didn't I think of this first, and why would I think of this...? A 47 year-old lady from New York has transformed cuddling into a business called "Cuddle U NYC."

She calls it "cuddle therapy." Although she doesn't give her full name, she goes by the name Ali-C. The "C" stands for cuddle, I'm guessing. For her safety she does screen each of her cuddle partners, and she will only take clients between the ages of 25 to 45. Honestly, anything younger than 25 will just try to hook up! LOL!!!

She already had 30 clients, both male and female, and her rates are as follows:

  1. Basic package, $80 an hour.
  2. Movie and cuddle package, $200 flat rate.
  3. Stay the night package, $500 flat rate, allows a client to spend the night with Ali, just cuddling tho...

Ali is currently working with three other professional cuddlers, and she hopes to educate the importance of cuddling and hopes to inspire other people to become professional cuddlers.