What if your favorite local watering holes were actually guys in your phone? How would you describe each one? One local blogger did, and many are saying she's spot on.

Hannah Kenimer blogs for LipstickAndLaffy.com and her latest entry has gotten thousands of views for what some are calling a spot on description of Lafayette bars as if they were boys from the same city.

From Downtown Lafayette, to the McKinley strip, and even Corner Bar—Kenimer's descriptions are equal parts humorous, clever and fun as she runs down the list of local bars.

Much like real life when it comes to girls, some bars got all the love

City Bar- The fun, goofy guy who likes to go to the bars on Tuesday nights as well as the weekends. He is always down for whatever you want to do.

While others were friend-zoned or simply ignored.

Nitetown- The reliable, friend-zoned guy that you still stop by and see every once in a while because you two have been friends for quite some time. He is sweet, and though you may not hang out with him for long, it's still nice to swing by.

What do you think of her descriptions? Check out her entire blog entry here.