You'd think the addition of a whole brand new high school to the Lafayette Parish School System would instantly cure any issues with the student population. Using common sense, it would just stand to reason. But this is a school-related issue and my years as a public school parent have taught me that common sense usually doesn't apply.

In this case, cooler heads and open discussion will likely lead to an amicable solution to the problem of student balance between the new Southside High School and Comeaux High School. The issue will be brought up for discussion at tomorrow night's scheduled meeting of the Lafayette Parish School Board.

The issue has to do with overcrowding at Southside and an apparent lack of students at Comeaux High. This has led many concerned Comeaux parents to address the School Board with concerns about funding, teacher assignments, and generally being left behind as the newer school flourishes.

The Lafayette Parish School Board will be asked to consider directing the Superintendent of Schools to explore options that will limit the enrollment at Southside High beginning with the next school year (2020/2021). However, some close to the situation say realignment plans might be too soon.

Demographers say that the loss of student population at Comeaux High was not unexpected with the opening of Southside High. However, the populations of the two schools should begin to settle and even out after another year or so. If they don't then that would be the time to consider rezoning and realignment.

Regardless, the Lafayette School Board will entertain discussion on the topic at Wednesday's regularly scheduled meeting at the school board office.


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