A video of a person driving recklessly down Ambassador Caffery was sent to me this weekend and we're lucky to not be reporting on a serious accident.

The driver of this silver truck, which was pulling a utility trailer, nearly caused another vehicle to hit other vehicles head-on. You can see the driver of the truck attempt to pass others by using a TURNING LANE, then weaving through traffic like there were no other cars on the road.

Luckily no one was injured here, but if you've ever wondered why and how accidents happen on the roads---here you go.

This is simply being irresponsible and the driver of the truck had no regard for others while driving down the busy roadway in Lafayette.

Seeing people drive like this really hits close to home for us because we here lost a very close friend to this type of irresponsible driving in Lafayette.

This type of driving should never happen on the roads, but it does. So with that said, be careful while travelling this summer and always keep an eye out for those driving like this.

After all, they aren't watching out for you and your family.

To be fair here, many have noted that the car in this video appeared to slow down in the passing lane and did the "brake check" on this truck. But does that warrant this type behavior on the roadway?

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