When Shane Vallot recognized his friend in a fight video, he knew he had to share it online.

Shane is a senior at Comeaux High School, and when he came across a fight video from Lafayette High, he recognized a familiar face. Vallot saw his friend Brandon in the video, but Brandon wasn't one of the two boys seen fighting,

Instead, he was the one helping to break it up.

Normally, we see people egging the fight on while others pull out their phones to document the brawl, but Brandon dove right in and managed to break it up.

I'm not sure why the students were fighting in the first place, or if they knew Brandon—but I will tip my hat to Brandon for doing the right thing. Vallot said when he saw the video on Snapchat, he recognized his buddy after playing sports with him for many years.

I happened to see this video and I saw at the end the kid in the white that broke up the fight was one of my good friends! And I have no idea who the kids were or who videotaped it but my friend Brandon Revere was the kid that broke up the fight he is 16 and he's a Junior at Lafayette and he said he didn't know the kids fighting but he couldn't watch it so he had to break it up!! And the reason why I posted it because I see fights all the time and I always brake them up no matter who it is, people that take out there phones and video are just as worse as the kids fighting why watch someone else risk there like when you could easily get involved and break it up and that's why Brandon is a hero today because he didn't hesitate he went up to 2 kids fighting that he didn't know and he broke them up!

First of all, he's totally right about one thing—it takes courage to put yourself in the middle of a fight (who wants to get hit by a punch intended for someone else?) and most of us choose not to get involved in other people's drama and opt to pull out the smartphone to film it instead.

While smartphone footage of fights in the social media era has helped law enforcement and legal cases alike, breaking up a fight has never been a bad thing either.

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