We often share headlines of house fires, and people who are able to escape, but it may not be the same for their pets.

The Lafayette Fire Department and SpayaNation are teaming up to raise awareness and money for FIDO bags. These specially equipped bags will contain oxygen masks, burn sheets, and other first-aid items to help pets.

According to a press release from the Lafayette Fire Department, they believe having FIDO bags with all of the supplies for pets would be very beneficial for when they arrive at fire scenes.

Paula Stude, Executive Director of SpayNation, explains why she decided to bring this campaign to Lafayette,

My wish for every firehouse is to have FIDO Bags is partly Personal. Years ago, my family experienced a devastating house fire. Our cat, Vita, did not survive. The image of the firefighter carrying her lifeless body with such grace and compassion with always be seared in my heart.

FIDO Bag supplies
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Fire Department

Imagine if every fire truck in Lafayette had a FIDO bag on board? If an animal is able to be retrieved from a burning structure, firefighters would be able to use an oxygen mask to help them breathe, and fire sheets to treat burns.

The kits are not without cost, and as part of SOLA giving day, SpayNation is teaming up with firefighters to promote this worthy cause. The South Louisiana Giving Day is an annual event where people are encouraged to donate to charities that are close to their hearts.

Firefighters With Sign
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Fire Department

Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman and Investigator Alton Trahan says firefighters are able to save lives,

The mission of our fire department is to save life and property, pets included. Readily access to the specialized equipment in the FIDO Bags would be a tremendous asset to providing aid to a pet with smoke inhalation.

If each fire truck had a FIDO bag onboard, then pets would have better outcomes when it comes to a fire, or some other situation, than they might have without some rescue equipment.

Stude says of the money that's raised with the campaign, half with go to helping people who need to spay or neuter their pets, but can't really afford it, and the other half will go to purchasing FIDO bags.

If you want to find out more about what they do at SpayNation, you can email wildcatfoundation@yahoo.com.


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