LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - Residents who wanted to discuss their reasons for not wanting a new truck stop gathered with Lafayette City Councilman Pat Lews this week to share their thoughts according to KLFY.

Also at this meeting was the realtor who represents the person wanting to build the truck stop right near the Louisiana State Police Troop I headquarters on Pont Des Mouton.

Right in this same area is plenty of homes according to several of the residents at yesterday's meeting. They worry about the many people who walk in the area if a new truck stop moves in.

One of the most interesting comments that Councilman Lewis was the following:

I've never heard any pros. Never did. A lot of people reached out and the majority of the people are saying they do not want the truck stop.

Lewis points out that the proposed business would be only about 40 feet away from where people live.

Lewis said at the meeting,

Truck stops bring in a lot of different issues as far as fuel. There's contamination in the ground.

He adds that in order to see this project to fruition the area would need to be rezoned and that has not even happened yet.

He said having the meeting was imperative as so many people contacted him asking what could be done to stop this site from having a truck stop. At the end of the day, it will be the council who will decide on whether or not the project goes forward, but it matters what people who live in the area have to say.

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