Go-Kart racing is an intense male-dominated sport that has continued to grow in popularity here in the United States. Go-Kart racing is way more physically demanding on the body than many people might think when casually watching a race. Drivers must maintain a healthy lifestyle and train like other athletes to withstand the intense G-Forces they experience in the kart.

While carting is a male-dominated sport a local Lafayette, Louisiana 17-year-old girl is taking the world by storm with her drive and motivation to be the best of the best.

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Camryn Reed has been hitting the race track since she was nine years old. Now she competes as a professional go-cart racer where she holds her own as the only female driver on Team USA. She is headed for the Tilitson T4 Nations Cup in Valencia Spain this September.

In an interview with KATC 3, Camryn shared that she was intimidated when she first started racing professionally and dealt with "actions on the track" that other drivers didn't have to deal with.

She mentions that parents of other drivers yell things like "Don't let that girl beat you" in an effort to intimidate her while she is on the grid, however, she has since proven she won't be stopped by other's negative actions or words. Camryn views the trash talk as something that just comes with the territory of being a professional athlete and doesn't let it slow her down. She strives to be the best and work her way up through the Karting world. Who knows we may be looking at a future Formula 1 driver.

They know I have the speed to beat them and they take it personal

Reed is a true professional when it comes to racing and always does her homework. She watches other racers' videos and studies the track layout before her wheels ever hit the track so she knows exactly what to expect once she gets out there.

Camryn's family rallies behind her every step of the way and her dad plays a vital role on her team making sure her cart meets all the necessary racing regulations while also making sure she understands the mechanics of the cart she is handling so she can better communicate when something doesn't feel right behind the wheel.

Anybody should be able to go out and try it, and find something that gives them joy, happiness, and a career in. Find friends and meet people; racing has done that for me

Support Camryn Reed's Journey

The 17-year-old pro kart racer will be representing Team USA in Valencia, Spain September 15th-17th. There is a fundraiser set up to help support her journey since she runs a more grassroots-like operation and doesn't have a ton of large sponsors funding her races.

Click here to support Camryn.

Get more info on when you can watch her race here.

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