A Lafayette woman was arrested after firing up a barbeque pit in protest in front of Mayor-President Josh Guillory's home.

Tara Laxey, part of a local group of activists that go by the name of Unity7, went live on her Facebook page, lighting a grill in the street out in front of the home of Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory.

According to Laxey, her barbecue was an invite for the Mayor-President to come out and discuss the recent officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of Trayford Pellerin.

Guillory's Chief of Minority Affairs, Carlos Harvin, was speaking on-site with Laxey at the start of her video as she was joined by a self-proclaimed national activist who identified himself as Gerry W. Monroe.

Monroe was interviewed by a team member from KATC, telling our media partners that he planned on following Guillory until protesters are able to have a conversation with him. Laxey continued to barbecue, fanning flames and placing burger patties on the grill.


Eventually, police showed up informing Laxey that she could not continue to barbeque in the street. After a short exchange with police, Laxey was placed under arrest for obstructing a roadway and her cell phone was seized as "evidence," according to an officer on the scene.


According to a Facebook video from one of Laxey's friends, her pit was loaded up along with her vehicle and removed from the front of Mayor-President Guillory's home.